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About us

Tejo Barath is an NGO, founded by Vishali Kola in Andhra Pradesh, that primarily works to address this issue to prevent child sexual abuse at its root and protect the psychological health of children in India.

About Us


Child sexual abuse is a social evil that is most prevalent and least addressed.

Every child is precious and safe childhood is their birthright.

Tejo Barath is an NGO, founded by Vishali Kola in Andhra Pradesh, that primarily works to address this issue to prevent child sexual abuse at its root and protect the psychological health of children in India.

Safety is a priority and not an option. However, child sexual abuse harms every second child in India. We commit to preventing this at its root instead of only addressing it once the child has suffered irreversible damage to his or her psychological, physical and social health.

We have been educating children about their rights and safety by visiting schools and orphanages under our ‘Safe India, Happy India’ initiative. We are blessed to have helped more than 25,000 children in 2018 alone.


Vishali Kola

Vishali Kola is an adherent social activist, passionate designer of Kalamkari art, menstrual educator, and Founder President of Tejobarath, which has its vision of eradicating child sex abuse by the year 2030. She is also the Creative & Design head of VKOLA design and fashion.

Vishali started an NGO named Tejobarath, with two primary initiatives, one being “Safe India Happy India” by educating and empowering children about child sex abuse and body safety and the other being “Safe Period and Happy Period” for women by educating and empowering women about menstrual hygiene through workshops and distribution of non-toxic sanitary napkin.

Tejobarath becomes the first to launch an app for children which teaches extensive awareness drives about the difference between GOOD touch and BAD touch on a monumental scale with its interactive mobile application known as “Body Safety”. Tejobarath is different from other NGOs as its major focus is prevention rather than action after the incident and striving to work at par with the constitution.

Vishali is also a designer by passion. She indulges in recreating and redesigning beautiful Kalamkari masterpieces originally drawn by the expert Kalamkari artists of Srikalahasti. She started a sustainable fashion label with a passion for redefining style by recreating the magic of ancient Indian Kalamkari art and setting a new trend in contemporary style statements. It is handcrafted by master craftsmen, designed and curated by Vishali in Srikalahasti, India. VKOLA Fashion label specializes in exclusive bespoke clothing that is stunning on the ramp and is part of an exclusive vibrant, and contemporary wardrobe, which has also amassed the experience of working with some familiar film personalities. She has worked with various designer stores for the past fourteen years.

Vishali Kola has had the honour and privilege to be associated with the prestigious govt organisation of Tamilnadu, Cooptex in an endeavour to take forward the legacy of Indian art, culture and heritage collaborated with the brand Vkola and has taken the indigenous kalamkari art on classic handwoven textiles beyond India with a global and multicultural vision in contemporary fashion. The collaboration has been received and appreciated in more than six countries.

Vishali is also associated with Bharatiya Janta Party. She, along with her husband, Mr Kola Anand, took up the responsibility of renovating and redesigning an ancient Vaishnava temple in Katrapalli village, and she is presently the administrative trustee of the temple.

Our Mission

Awareness. Education. Action.

By operating at the policy level, we aim to bring about change and eventually spread awareness by making this a part of school curriculums. Tejobarath has conducted several workshops.

Abolition of Child Sexual Abuse

By creating awareness with a special focus on rural children and those from underprivileged sections.

Nationwide Education Policy

To bring about a nationwide education policy on Child Sexual Abuse in line with the articles of the Indian Constitution.

Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

By creating awareness through media, campaigns and with the support of prominent citizens, leaders and the Government of India.

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