Vision 2030

“Eliminate Child Sexual Abuse by 2030”

Vision 2030 aims at enabling a safe and secure Indian by 2030 where every child enjoys a safe and happy childhood. Often the issue of child abuse is more reactive than preventive.

Vision 2030 aims to eliminate Child Sexual Abuse with a two-pronged strategy:

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Our initiative of “Safe India, Happy India” is a part of Vision 2030. It focuses on the prevention and eradication of child sex abuse by addressing the root of the problem. Adopting a dual-pronged approach, aims at the mindsets of both adults and children through education and subsequent empowerment.

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On a broader level, through awareness and education, Vision 2030 will prepare children to become civilized young citizens. A safe and happy childhood for every child will lead to creating a better society and a stronger nation.

Vision 2030 is driven by a 5-point Action Plan:

  • Vision Driven Identifying and recognising Child Sexual Abuse as a problem.
  • Vision Driven Understanding the problem through education, its causes, effect and working towards a solution.
  • Vision Driven Educating and empowering CHILDREN about Body Safety Rules, Good Touch, Bad Touch, Respecting Their Physical Body etc
  • Vision Driven Education and empowering ADULTS about treating children with dignity, listening to them and not objectifying them.
  • Vision Driven Achieving Vision 2030 – Building an empowered and enlightened society.

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